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[Hands-On Review] McKee’s 37 SiO2 Paint Coating – New Formula!

I recently went on a hunt for a paint coating to apply to my stable of vehicles. My life has become too busy to keep up the maintenance routine of waxes and sealants that need to replied every few months.

I looked at the common suspects such as Optimum Gloss Coat, CarPro Cquartz, Gtechniq Exo, and so forth. The thing I couldn’t get past was the cost. Most of these products only come with enough to do one vehicle. I needed to do three.

That’s when I ran across the McKee’s 37 Paint Coating. It was affordable with claims of having enough to do 3-5 vehicles at around $45 for the bottle. It was also claimed to last up to 2 years. Sounded too good to be true.

A quick internet search turned up a few forum posts of people who had used the coating and they were extremely happy with it. It was said to be easy to apply, flashed off quick, and left little to no high spots once wiped off. I decided to give it a shot.

I purchased a bottle of the coating and a foam applicator. Fast forward a month and a new SiO2 fortified formula (that’s Silicon Dioxide also known as Silica or Quartz) was released that claimed to be thicker, easier to apply, and last longer. Plus, it came with an applicator for the same price. I hadn’t had a chance to apply the original coating and there was already a new one out!

I quickly contacted McKee’s 37 and sent a complimentary bottle of the new formula and a new foam applicator.

Label on bottle of Mckee's 37 paint coating
Label on bottle of Mckee's 37 paint coating
Instructions on bottle of Mckee's 37 paint coating

McKee’s 37 Paint Coating Old Formula vs. New Formula


While waiting on the new formula paint coating to arrive I decided to go ahead and prep and coat one of my cars with the original formula. My prep process for any coating is to wash the paint with a non-wax containing shampoo,  decontaminate using an iron remover, clay bar the paint, compound polished the paint to remove any defects, and finally wipe the paint down with a wax and grease remover or prep polish such as McKee’s 37 Coating Prep Polish.

This leaves me a perfectly clean slate for maximum adhesion of the coating.

Application of Original Formula

I started the application of the original formula coating.

The instructions say to spray the panel 4 to 5 times and then spread the coating out in an up and down and side to side motion. You then let the coating flash off (let the solvent in the coating evaporate) and wipe off the excess with a microfiber towel.

I followed these instructions and found the coating to be a little difficult to spread out evenly before it started to flash off. The coating was pretty grabby while spreading. I also had to rub harder than I liked to remove the excess coating with my microfiber towel to ensure there were no high spots.

Another dislike I had was that overspray was an issue. I found myself feverishly wiping down adjacent panels and glass when applying the coating so that it wouldn’t flash off and leave spots.

Once the car was finished there was a noticeable improvement in gloss and the paint had a new more grabby texture. I also found some high spots that I missed and that had already cured enough to not be able to wipe out with my microfiber towel. Fortunately this car was white so I can live with it.

Application of New Formula

Once I received the new formula coating I performed the same prep on my second car and began the application of the coating.

The instructions for this formula are a little different. There is no flash time. You spray the panel 5-6 times and wipe up and down and back and forth using the included applicator to work the coating into the paint. As soon as your coating is spread out evenly and in full coverage you wipe it off.


After spraying the coating on my first panel and beginning to wipe it was immediately noticeable that this coating was way easier to spread out. It’s also a little thicker so it was also easier to see it on the panel to be sure I had full coverage.

Wiping the coating off was also much easier. It was still a little difficult to fully wipe away, requiring multiple passes with the towel, because it made the surface a little more grabby.

I’m still not impressed with the spray application of this coating. I still had problems with overspray on adjacent panels that required quick wipe up to prevent spotting. On smaller panels I resorted to spraying the applicator and wiping on the coating to avoid the overspray. On the plus side, this coating doesn’t flash off right away like the old formula so wiping up overspray was easier.

Once the coating was applied it was immediately apparent that the coating was thicker. There was a visible change in the reflective behavior of the paint. Where the old coating made the paint glossier, this coating made the paint look deeper, wetter, and glossier, almost like a candy coating. I much preferred this look over the look of the old formula coating.

Mckee's 37 paint coating reflection
Mckee's 37 paint coating reflection
Mckee's 37 paint coating reflection
Mckee's 37 paint coating reflection

Old vs New Verdict

The new coating is definitely easier to apply. It does appear to be thicker. It’s also easier to prevent high spots. It applies and removes just like a normal wipe on wipe off sealant, requiring no fancy tricks to ensure a positive outcome.

Both coatings required very little product to complete one car leaving plenty for future applications.

The new coating is also much more hydrophobic. I washed both cars and the new coating had much less water remaining on it after flooding/sheeting the panels with the water hose.

Between the two, the new formula is a definite improvement. I cannot say which one will last longer yet since I just finished applying these coatings a week before writing this article. I will update this article as time passes. **Updated below**

The Good

The McKee’s 37 SiO2 Paint Coating lives up to its claims of ease of use and high-gloss appearance. I had no problems spreading this coating out evenly and wiping away the excess without leaving any high spots or streaks.

Once the coating was cured there was no change in appearance. I didn’t see any spotting and the gloss level remained.

The hydrophobic properties of this coating are spot on. As you can see in this picture the water beads nicely on the surface.

Mckee's 37 paint coating water beading

Once I used the technique of flooding the paint with water there were very little drops of water left to dry up.

Mckee's 37 paint coating after water sheeting

The coating also seems to be helping keep the car cleaner. I’ve driven in the rain once already and let the car sit outside during a rain. Both days the car dried to noticeably cleaner appearance than usual. Only the horizontal panels had minor spotting from dust settling into the rain drops as they dried.

The Bad

I’m still not sold on the spray method of application. No matter how I sprayed it I always ended up with mist on adjacent panels and had to quickly wipe them down. This meant rewiping panels I had already finished which increased the amount of work I had to do.

I also ran into an issue where I failed to remove the nozzle and clear it of fluid before storing it resulting in a crappy spray pattern the second time I went to use the coating because some had dried to the tip of the nozzle.

This can obviously be mitigated by removing the nozzle and spraying it until it’s empty and then wiping off the tip but it wasn’t something I thought of because it wasn’t suggested anywhere on bottle or sales page.

Fortunately, I had an extra nozzle from the old formula bottle so it wasn’t a show stopper. It could be for you if you don’t follow that suggestion.


Update 1 (March 2018): It’s now 6 months later. The paint coating has been through a few months of rain, snow, road salt, and several washings. You can see below how the coating is still hydrophobic.

McKees 37 paint coating 6 months later after winter

Dirt still washes off easily. I can get the car quite clean with just the hose. This coating has made keeping the car somewhat clean during a midwest winter much easier than when I used ordinary wax. I’m still quite satisfied with this coating.

Update 2 (November 2018): It has now been a year and a couple months since I first applied these coatings. The old formula coating on the WS6 and the new coating on the G6 both still bead water and look great. The G6 is still garaged at night  and at work but does sit outside during the rest of the day and is driven in the rain and snow. The beading on the G6 isn’t as dramatic as the WS6 or compared to the first application, but is still there.

The water beading on the RSX with the new formula has mostly diminished at this point but that car sits outside 24/7 including under piles of snow during the winter. It’s still way easier to clean than before the coating so I know the coating is still there to some degree. Compared to a wax like Collinite 845 the coating has lasted WAY longer so I’m still super happy. I’m sure an application of McKee’s 37 Hyrdo Blue would snap the hydrophobicity back.


Would I buy this coating again? Absolutely. The new formula is almost impossible to mess up. So far it does everything it advertises. It’s also a steal at $45 for a bottle that does 3-5 cars. That’s between $15 and $9 a car for a 2 year coating assuming it lives up the longevity claim. Compared to other coatings that’s a fraction of the cost and hard to pass up.

Would I recommend this coating to a friend? I already have. I think it’s a great coating for introducing people to paint coatings. There is nothing scary about it which is what turns many off of paint coatings and leaves them waxing on and waxing off endlessly all year long.

You can buy the new formula under the MK37-260 part number. MK37-200 is the old formula.

John Adams

Sunday 8th of December 2019

Brian, I just ran across your review of this product. Fist of all, thank you! Very informative and through.

Regarding the over spray issue you experienced, would it be better to spray the product on the applicator than apply to the surface? Your thoughts please.

Thanks! John

Terry Hill

Sunday 8th of December 2019

You are right on the money! Spraying it on the applicator and then applying it to the paint is exactly how I ended ip doing it for future applications. It worked great! Just be sure to wear gloves because the overspray ends up on your hand.


Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Nice review and thanks for the updates. What do you think about spraying the solution on the applicator rather than spraying directly on the panel? I know that’s how other coatings work, however their bottles are meant to dab onto the applicator. Seems like it would prevent overspray extra buffing. Also how many coats did you do? Do you know the process for mkee’s for 2 coatings?

Terry Hill

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

The spraying on the applicator works but you should probably wear some disposable vinyl/latex gloves with that method since the overspray ends up on your hand when trying to get an even amount on the applicator. I applied it to the applicator a few times in tight places where there was no way to spray the panel without also hitting all the trim and glass around it.

I only did one coat on all of our vehicles. The single coat (both the old and new formula) has held up great on the garaged cars and they bead / shed water to this day (a year later). The RSX that sits outside started losing its hydrophobicity after about 6 months. It still cleans way easier that it did before the coating so I know the coating is still there.

As for the second coat, I really cannot say. I know the coating is supposed to remain moisture free for 24 hours which means it's cure time is probably around 24 hours. To be sure the second coat wont affect the first I'd wait the 24 hours before re-application. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend here so I might experiment with this on the RSX in an inconspicuous place. Stay tuned.

John Oliver

Monday 11th of June 2018

June 11, 2018 On my new corvette, I did the full prep as described by Mckees37, and then applied the new formula ceramic. The next day there was a very slight haze to the surface, only seen in the morning light.. The finish appearance was no better than the preapplication surface.

Terry Hill

Monday 11th of June 2018

Can you share what color your corvette was and what the temperature and humidity was when applying the coating? Also, did you buff the coating after applying?


Sunday 10th of June 2018

Great review!could you be a bit more specific about how good these paint coatings hold up till now?(new vs old formula)??i have just applied the old formula to my car.Should i have applied the new one for better results??thanks

Terry Hill

Sunday 10th of June 2018

I have the old coating on my 2000 WS6 and the new coating on my wife’s 2010 G6. They are both garaged. The coatings were applied really close to the same time and is definitely still there on both of them. The WS6 is only reinseless washed though, whereas the G6 gets washed like normal. The G6 has been driven in rain and snow as well. The WS6 has not, though it has had to sit outside on a few occasions. So I really cannot directly compare both paint coatings as far as endurance is concerned. I can vouch, though, that on a garage queen the old coating definitely lasts a very long time. I think the biggest benefit in the new formula McKee’s Paint Coating is the ease of application. It was way, way easier to apply while holding up just as well.


Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Can you provide an update on how the McKee's Paint Coating has been holding up?

Terry Hill

Wednesday 16th of May 2018


Thus far it's still beading water and still making it very easy to wash off bugs, tar spot, etc... I put the new Mckee's 37 coating on both my wife's Pontaic G6 and my Acura RSX daily driver at the same time. Her G6 parks in the garage each night and my RSX sits outside. The G6 has the same hydrophobic and sheeting properties it had the day I put it on. The Acura's beading and sheeting is reduced some in comparison but is still present. They both still have the candy dipped appearance from the coating when washed.

I will take some pictures this weekend when I wash the RSX. I had put Collinite 845 on the front bumper and the Mckee's 37 SiO2 coating on the rest of the car at the same time. It should make a great comparison of a high quality long lasting wax vs a quality paint coating.

That said, I'm still super happy with the coating and it has been 8 months now.

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