About Us

TheArtofCleanliness.com exists to help people make better decisions about taking care of the things they own and use, be that their home, yard, garage, automobiles, pets, or general possessions. It’s a creation that stems from my personal hobbies, careers, and obsession with neat, clean, and orderliness.

For years I have been the go to person for friends and family when they wanted to know how they should clean, restore, or maintain the things they used or owned. I would also get asked what products I thought would work the best and be the most worth investing in. Rather than keep those nuggets of information to myself once they were done with them, I thought I would share that information with others.

My hope is that you will join me as I grow TheArtofCleanliness.com into a resource for, and community of, like minded neat freaks.

If you have any suggestions or requests for information to be added to the site, send a message through the contact form below.