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About Us is a must-read for news, tips, guides, and general information about automotive detailing and car care.

Launched in 2016, our website was born from the passion we have for the vehicles we own and drive every day. To us, cars and trucks aren’t just tools or a means to shuttle us from point A to point B. They are an extension of ourselves. They unlock the freedom to move about our world, to discover, to meet new people, and find new opportunities.

Such an asset deserves maintenance and care. Thus, we created to help vehicle owners take better care of their rides. It is our mission to provide our readers with entertaining, detailed, accurate, and trustworthy information for all things automotive.

Meet Our Team

Brian B. – Owner/Marketer/Writer

For more than 30 years I’ve had a passion for cars and trucks. I was the weird kid that read a Hanes manual in class instead of a Magazine during free time. I’ve worked on everything from sports cars to dump trucks. I now pour that passion into building this website.

Terry Hill – Editor/Writer

As a prior ASE certified Professional Repair Technician turned Professional Automotive Detailer, Terry knows thing or two about the automotive industry. He’s a true automotive enthusiast at heart and enjoys writing about and sharing his passion with others.

Personalized Help

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach us at our contact page.