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[Hands-On Review] Britemax Iron Max

First off, what is an iron remover and why do you need it?

An iron remover is a chemical decontamination product that helps pull iron and other industrial fallout out of your paint. These contaminants are everywhere. They are in brake dust, rail dust, rain, road dust, etc…

Left on your paint they bake and eat their way into your clearcoat leaving not only a dirty and dull finish but also potential for clearcoat failure as the particles oxidize (rust) below the surface.

I personally chemically decontaminate every car I buy when I first buy it and then about every year or so after if it’s driven in the elements a lot.

The first iron remover I ever tried was CarPro Iron-X. It worked great but smelled awful. It was also kind of expensive considering it lasted only one vehicle including cleaning the wheels inside and out.

I went on the hunt for a different iron remover the next time I needed it. That’s when I ran across Britemax Iron Max.

First Impressions

What drew me to Iron Max initially was the price. At $22 for a 24oz bottle it’s just under $1 per ounce. Most iron removers are over a dollar an ounce and only ship in 16-17oz bottles. It was also claimed to be thicker, more like a gel that sits on the paint versus running down it. Some reviews also said it didn’t smell as bad as Iron-X and others.

When I received the bottle I immediately noticed the typical iron remover smell. It wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was still bad enough that I kept the bottle at the back of my garage versus keeping it with my detailing supplies up front.

I did a test spray on one of my vehicles and it did in fact come out foamy and stick like a gel. Good deal.

Britemax Iron Max dwelling on paint

Testing Britemax Iron Max

I sprayed the Iron Max on two of my vehicles and let it dwell for several minutes before rinsing it off. Just as it did in my test spot, the Iron Max came out foamy and stuck to the paint like gel, barely running down the vertical panels.

Britemax Iron Max dwelling on paint

I did notice the product didn’t smell nearly as bad as it did when it was in the bottle. It really wasn’t bad at all. When I sprayed Iron-X it was worse once airborne. Perhaps this is due to the thicker consistency of Britemax Iron Max.

Once the product sat and dwelled I inspected it for the tell tale purple marks everywhere that signified it was reacting with iron and other metallic fallout.

To my surprise the affect wasn’t as dramatic as it was when I used Iron-X. I attribute this to the fact that Iron-X runs down the paint like water leaving purple runs everywhere. Since the Iron Max just sits on the paint the dots don’t run so they don’t look as dramatic.

Britemax Iron Max dwelling on paint
Britemax Iron Max dwelling on paint

I thoroughly washed the cars afterward and clay barred them. Both cars had very little contamination left to be picked up by the clay bar leaving me to believe the Iron Max did its job.

Edit: I’d like to add that after reviewing this product I compared it to McKee’s 37 Xtreme Iron Remover in this article: [Review] McKee’s Extreme Iron Remover

The Good

The bottle is a great deal at less than $1 per ounce. The bottle is also 24oz. I only used about a 1/3rd of the bottle to do one car because of how well it stuck to the paint versus running down it like Iron-X. So for $22 I got to do three cars compared to the one car I was able to do with a $20 16.9oz bottle of Iron-X.

Iron Max does come out foamy and stick like gel like advertised. It also doesn’t smell that bad while using it. It’s a lot less noxious than Iron-X.

The Bad

The only real drawback to this iron remover is that it still stinks, but not nearly as much as most others. It’s also a little harder to see it working because the purple doesn’t run down the side the of the car. That’s not really a drawback, because it does still work just as good if not better, but I thought I would mention it.


Simply put, it works! It’s a great value and it’s not overly offensive in smell. It doesn’t leave your driveway smelling like rotten eggs for the next month. It also sticks like glue so it works great on vertical panels and wheels.

I’d definitely recommend this to a friend.

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