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Best Blowers for Drying a Car and Protecting its Paint

Any contact with your car’s paint increases the likelihood of scratches. That is a fact.

When you are drying your car you should do your best to reduce how much contact you have to make to get the job done.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to blow the water off of your vehicle before attacking it with your towel of choice. This method works best when your vehicle is properly waxed or sealed so that water beads up and rolls off easily.

There are many different tools that can be used for blowing water off your vehicle. Air compressors, leaf blowers, and purpose built blowers are the most common. Purpose built blowers are the best blowers for drying a car.

They concentrate the air flow to allow more directional control of the moving air. They usually come with different nozzles for use in different areas of the car. They are more maneuverable outside and inside the car. They often have heaters to warm the air to aid in drying.

Also, a dedicated blower will ensure you’re not blowing out dirt and debris from last years leaf cleanup (leaf blowers don’t filter the air they recycle thus suck back up a small degree of the dirt and debris you kick up while doing yard work).

My favorite, the Adam’s Air Cannon pictured below, falls in the classification of purpose built blower. It was designed by automotive detailing enthusiasts, for car detailing enthusiasts, and has even been revised using feedback from the detailing community.

Top 3 Blowers for Drying a Car:

Adam's Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower -...Adam's Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower -...Check Price at Amazon
JUST INTRODUCED! Air Force Master...JUST INTRODUCED! Air Force Master...Check Price at Amazon
Air Force Blaster Sidekick small vehicle...Air Force Blaster Sidekick small vehicle...Check Price at Amazon

Why Should You Buy a Blower / Dryer for Your Car?

Modern day clear coats are still fairly soft. They do great job of protecting your paint from UV and industrial fallout but are very much a sacrificial layer. Even the softest of towels can and will install micro scratches over time.

By blowing water off of your car you are reducing the amount of drying left to do with your towel. You also save money and hassle by needing less drying towels.

Clearing out water from cracks and crevices that continually seep water while you’re trying to dry your vehicle saves time and frustration as well.

Given that removing scratches requires removing clear coat and new paint jobs costs several thousands of dollars, it’s easy for me to justify spending a hundred to a couple hundred dollars on a decent blower.

What Makes a Good Blower / Dryer?

The standards by which I judge a good blower or dryer are pretty easy to understand.

  • The blower needs to be powerful enough to serve its purpose.
  • It needs to be easy to maneuver, able to be used both inside and outside of a vehicle,  and not be unbearably loud.
  • It should also be built well enough to last long enough to pay for itself, like any good tool.
  • It should filter the air it’s sucking in and blowing out.

Notice I didn’t put too much emphasis on a certain price range. When it comes to tools, I’m perfectly happy spending what is necessary to get something that will save me time, hassle, and future money.

Best All Around Blower – Adam’s Air Cannon

Adam's Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower -...
  • ✅ WHATS INCLUDED? – Adam’s Air Cannon is a game...


  • 3.2HP AC 120V/60Hz Motor*
  • 392 CFM / 73200 FPM
  • Adjustable Speed
  • 15’ Long Cord
  • 30’ Screw In Hose w/ Rubber-Coated Attachments
  • Removable Filter
  • Casters and Carry Handle
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the USA by Shop Vac

*The motor is not switched for 240v/50Hz power found in countries outside of the US. Make sure you have AC 120v/60Hz power available before ordering for export. If you need a 240v/50Hz dryer then I recommend you look for the UK version of the Metro Master Blaster from a retailer in your region.

This little guy is a gem. To start off, the unit feels well built. Though it is heavier than your average electric leaf blower, it feels much more solid.

It has more than enough air speed and volume to dry off large panels but is maneuverable enough to use for clearing out cracks and crevices that like to hide water. The air is also filtered so you don’t have to worry about blowing dirt and sand into your car if any is drawn into the motors air intake.

The hose is very flexible and expands from 10′ to 30′, making it easy to use in the interior (blowing out dirt from under the seats and other places that vacuums struggle to reach) as well. The length of the hose makes it easy to run behind you so that you can use the nozzle in one hand without dragging the blower behind you. The nozzle is also made of rubber so there is little risk to harming your paint should you accidentally bump into it.

The portability also makes it a great blower for drying boats and other craft allowing you to dry off and blow out the deck, inboard storage, and outboard motors so you don’t end up with standing water when you put it back in storage.

The motor is surprisingly quiet. It is much quieter than the Metro Master Blaster and the typical electric leaf blower. I rate it a little under the volume of the typical Shop Vac.

My only real complaint is that it can be awkward to store due to its shape but that’s the same with all blowers.

There are also complaints from some reviewers about the unit being under-powered. I suspect this is because they don’t have smooth paint covered in a quality wax or sealant and failed to properly sheet the car with water prior to drying.

If you’re just looking for the best all-around blower for the money so you can get on with your day, I suggest taking a serious look at this one.

What Others Have Said

Awesome machine. Takes no time at all to dry a full size truck. Very portable and powerful. Makes drying a vehicle fun and fast. I love my dryer.” – AutoGeek Reviewer

Best Premium Blower – Metro MasterBlaster Revolution MB-3CDSWB-30

JUST INTRODUCED! Air Force Master...
  • This model comes with a 30 foot commercial quality hose!...
  • The Revolution includes a wall mount bracket for your...
  • The Revolution uses warm, dry filtered air to safely blast...
  • The Master Blaster Revolution is Deliberately Made Better in...


  • 8 HP Total across two 4HP 120v Motors (**20amp breaker required**)
  • 58,500 Feet Per Minute Air Speed
  • 16.1 LB weight
  • 12’ Power Cord
  • 30’ Heavy Duty Hose
  • Neoprene blower Nozzle
  • Multiple Adapters
  • Heated
  • Washable Filter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

This is the granddaddy of blower dryers. It moves air faster and pushes more heat than any blower on the market right now and it is built like a tank.

Unfortunately, it’s also inconvenient to lug around the garage and steeper in price (thought to be honest, your significant other probably spent as much or more on their Shark or Dyson Vacuum).

Metro partially solved the problem of mobility by introducing casters to the front wheels on this revised Revolution model. You definitely need them because at 16lbs, you don’t want to carry this thing around for long.

Included is a variety of nozzle attachments and wall mount brackets for storing the blower dryer and hose.

There are three modes of operation each providing a different level of drying. You change the modes by toggling the independent motors on or off; back motor, front motor, or both motors.

The drawback to operating both motors simultaneously is that you need an outlet with a 20amp breaker. If you already have one installed in your workspace or garage, then it’s not an issue. If you don’t, that’s potentially another $150 you’ll have to pay an electrician to install one.

So where exactly does this blower fit into the spectrum? It’s not cheap or terribly convenient.

The answer is speed. If you value your time as much as you do your money, or you are planning to use your blower dryer to make money, then the Metro Master Blaster is your answer.

Best Compact Portable Blower – SK-1 Air Force Blaster Sidekick

Air Force Blaster Sidekick small vehicle...
  • 1.3 Peak HP Motor, 8 Amps, 960 Watts, 18,000 ft./min....
  • 14-inch heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and...
  • Designed to save you time and get your pristine ride back on...
  • Accessories: Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Blower and Air Flare...


  • 1.3HP 120v/8amp 950 watt motor
  • 18,000 Feet Per Minute Airspeed
  • 3LB Weight
  • 14” Power Cord
  • Neoprene Blower Nozzle and Air Flare
  • Filtered
  • Heated
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Though not as powerful as the Master Blaster, the Blaster Sidekick is more maneuverable and convenient to use due to its weight and size.

It’s easier to take out and put up.

This particular blower dryer is designed for smaller tasks such as blowing out cracks and crevices, leaf packed windshield cowls, wheels, engines, and drying smaller panels.

I know of several motorcycle owners who use this little guy to dry their whole bikes to full affect. For the price, it is tough to beat for the above tasks.

That being said, I still can’t recommend it over the McKee’s 37 Turbo Car Dryer for drying large panels, complete vehicles, or overall versatility. It just doesn’t push enough air volume.

Provided you have a very solid LSP (Last Step Product, e.g. wax or sealant) applied to your vehicle and you properly sheet the water during the final rinse, you can get away with drying a lot of it with the Sidekick, leaving only a little cleanup for your towels.

If you’re the type to use a water blade after rinsing, the Sidekick is all you need to finish the job.

It’s not all good grace, though. It’s worth noting that the SideKick is on the louder side of things. To move a lot of air in a small package the motor has to really wind up. The heated air feature is also a little slow to kick in. Even then, it’s only mildly beneficial.

There is even a Professional Series version that includes a 3’ hose and shoulder strap for added convenience, provided you can stretch your budget another $30 or so.

If you’re short on space, long on convenience, or looking to dry off small jobs or your motorcycle, I would snap up the Air Force Blaster Sidekick.

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