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Thank you for your interest in writing on The Art of Cleanliness! We’re looking for experts and enthusiasts to write about:

  • Home cleaning and organization
  • Yard work, lawn care, lawn restoration, and curb appeal
  • Outdoor patio cleaning, decoration, and organization
  • Garage cleaning, restoration, decoration, and organization
  • Automotive cleaning, detailing, restoration, and preservation
  • Pet care, grooming, mess cleanup, and mess prevention

If you think you’re up to the task, keep reading to get all the details.

Read This First

We get a lot of emails. Most are skipped. Here are tips on how to avoid this:

  • Read through this entire page before contacting us. We ignore emails from people who don’t follow the instructions.
  • We only respond to pitches we accept. We don’t have time to respond to every email we get. If we like your pitch we will email you back within the week.

Why Should You Write For The Art of Cleanliness?

We’re committed to running the best possible blog we can to serve our rapidly growing audience. Our 45,000+ monthly readers recognize our content as authoritative, easy to understand, and actionable advice.

That’s a lot of readers you could reach! We treat every post we publish like it’s one of our own, too. Your work will be promoted across all our social media channels and through our email newsletters.

Who Are We Looking For?

We accept content from experts and enthusiasts in all areas of cleaning and organization around the home and automotive culture. Think automotive detailer, car care enthusiast, professional organizer, experienced home owner, pet groomer, seasoned DIYer, lawncare specialist, etc…

Our ideal author is passionate and insightful and a little OCD. You stress details, follow direction, and offer readers real value. Previous pieces published on other high-authority blogs are a plus.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for comprehensive informational posts and how-to guides. Lists are ok as long as they are in-depth and actionable. You need to thoroughly explain each tip and verbally illustrate how the reader should act on it.

We expect every post to show readers everything they need to know about that topic. Your reader should not need to read another post in order to understand your topic. They should not leave your post with more questions than answers.

We have four content pillars which support every post we publish:

  • Topic. Your topic must be relevant and targeted toward our audience. Our blog is about cleanliness. If your topic isn’t centered around this it doesn’t fit.
  • Research. Do your homework. Reference reputable sources. Use data and statistics to back up your claims when possible.
  • Comprehensiveness. Cover your topic in whole. Don’t leave out any steps or information that are necessary for readers to apply your advice.
  • Readability. Your post should be easy to read and understand. Our readers come here for inspiration and guidance. They don’t come here to be bored or confused.

What Are We Not Looking For?

Here are some things not to pitch to us:

  • No clickbait. This isn’t Buzzfeed. Your post should have substance and follow through on the promises your headline makes.
  • No repeat topics. Please research our blog to see if we’ve already covered your idea before pitching to us.
  • No posts that only promote yourself or your business. Our blog is not a platform for you to stash backlinks for your link building hustle.
  • No affiliate links. If we find an affiliate link in your draft, we will not publish your blog post.
  • No recycled, spun, or PLR posts. Your post needs to be original and written for us. Copyrighted content or content otherwise found elsewhere on the internet will not be accepted.

Style Guidelines

We do not have an extensive style guide but we do have a few things you'll need to follow:

  • Mind your audience. Our average readers are men and women age 20-50. They're smart, self-sufficient, hard working, middle-class family people.
  • Be conversational. You're not writing an essay or user manual, you're talking to friends. Use a friendly conversational tone in your writing.
  • Get to the point. This isn't a novel. Don't write fluff or try to build up to a climax. Give the readers the good stuff right away. Paragraphs should be in short chunks, scannable, and easy to digest.
  • Be funny. Life is too short to be serious. Have some fun with your readers. We all need to laugh and be happy more.
  • Use links. If you reference something, link to it. Link to other pages of our blog when relevant.
  • Use pictures. Use pictures if it makes sense but make sure they're your own or otherwise free from copyright. If you're not sure if it is then it probably isn't.

Submission Requirements

To make life easier for everyone we have some firm submission requirements that must be followed.

  • Your post must be comprehensive. Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.
  • Your post must be actionable. Telling readers what to do isn’t enough. You need to explain how to do it.
  • Your post must be at least 1,000 words without fluff. If your post is in-depth, actionable, and loaded with value you won’t be able to write less than this.
  • Your post will not be published elsewhere. We have exclusive right to any posts submitted to our site. If you repost the same content elsewhere your post will be deleted.
  • Your final post has to follow through on your pitch. If your submission deviates from your pitched post it won’t be published.
  • Complete the pitch form as written below. If you just use the form to ask if we are accepting guest posts your email will be ignored.
  • Do not email us with a template. Templated outreach emails will be un-apologetically deleted!
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