Best Portable Cat and Dog Grooming Table

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What really is the best portable pet grooming table for the money?

The importance of grooming your pet can never be overemphasized. Grooming is a social function, where you get to bond with the pet. Grooming also enables you to spot medical problems with your pet. Just as humans feel good after visiting the hair salon or barber shop, your pet also looks and feels much better after a proper grooming session.

For you to groom your animal whether at home or professionally, you need a proper grooming table. There are three types of grooming tables. These are electric, hydraulic and portable or foldable tables. Portable tables are the most popular among home pet parents and professional traveling groomers. Their popularity comes from their ease of transport e.g. to pet shows, their affordability, and ease of storage.

The Flying Pig Heavy Duty Pet Foldable Grooming Table is one such table that combines superior quality, value, adjust-ability, and portability. It’s for that reason that I chose it as my pick for the best portable grooming table for the money.

Quick Look at the Best Portable Pet Grooming Tables:

Why do you need a good grooming table?

As a professional or home pet groomer, you need to find a table which is comfortable for both you and your pet. If you are grooming your pet from the ground, you will soon find out just how tedious that is. You end up getting tired not only from bending and squatting but also from running after your pet. Do that a few times, and you end up straining your back.

A good grooming table ensures that your pet feels secure and comfortable during a grooming session. Your pet also needs to be very stable to avoid panic.

What considerations should I make when purchasing a grooming table?

Different people have different considerations. However, the most important are:

  • A table that takes care of your back – Everybody wants to be able to groom their pets well into their old age. You, therefore need a table whose height is adjustable so as to match your height.
  • Your pet’s needs – What is the size of your pet? If huge, you certainly need a table that is larger and sturdier.
  • Storage and transportation – The benefit of a portable table is the ability to be moved easily and saving of storage space. You most likely want to have an organized storage space, and to be able to fold and pack your table in the trunk of your car when going to those dog shows you love and look forward to.
  • Table surface – you do not need germs and bacteria spreading from your grooming table. An excellent table has a good surface which is easy to clean. Additionally, a table top needs to be non-slip so as to provide utmost precaution to your pet.
  • Durability – a good table is one which will serve you for years. Stainless steel tables are particularly good, and if you want the best, you will find one that’s rust resistant.
  • Price – at the end of the day, we all want value for money. A good table should come with a reasonable price and should be able to save you money in the long run
  • Accessories – some tables come with loops, noose, basket, and adjustable arms. These are items that would otherwise cost you more, and it’s important to consider the additional costs that you would have to incur.

Do you groom pets at home or professionally? This is a very crucial question which will dictate the type of table you need. For professional grooming, you need a larger, sturdier and stronger table, given that this is an everyday item. For home grooming, you can play around with what you exactly need.

For customer care, safety and satisfaction, you need to buy your table from a manufacturer who has a good history with their clients and where you can easily and quickly get replacements and service just in case your table breaks during use or transportation.

Best Pet Grooming Table – Flying Pig Heavy Duty Pet Fold-able Grooming Table

Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Bone Pattern...
  • Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table. 44"L x 24"~20"W x...
  • Table Surface: Bone Shape Texture Non Slip Rubber
  • Table Frame: Rust Resist Stainless Steel (Can Hold up to 330...
  • Equipped with Flying Pig all steel/stainless steel Heavy...
  • Come with Storage Basket, Foldable & Adjustable Grooming...

Key Specifications

  • 44″L x 24″W x 31.5″H
  • Bone Shape
  • Texture Non Slip Rubber Surface
  • Rust Resist Stainless Steel Frame
  • Stainless Steel Foldable & Adjustable Grooming Arm
  • Includes Storage Basket, Noose and Loop
  • 40 lbs. (for the largest size)
  • 1” Top


  • Foldable for storage and transport
  • Adjustable Grooming Arm
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Non-slip top
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Rust resistant stainless construction


  • Does not include a no-sit haunch holder
  • Legs are not height adjustable
  • Slightly higher price than other tables

This table scores very highly among users.  The super duty part of the table is not just a marketing tool, but indeed this table is heavy duty, given that it can hold up to 330lbs. The flying pig also boasts up to a 44’’×24’’×32’’ dimension which is quite spacious. Your Great Dane will be more than comfortable on this table.  The table is also made from rust resistant stainless steel which makes it very robust and durable.

The table is also very reasonably priced, going from $119-$139. This is very economical, compared to many electric or hydraulic tables you might find in the market. The table pays itself in just a few uses, depending on how often you use it.

The manufacturer of the table has the user’s organization in mind, and this has been taken care of by the storage basket underneath the table, which can be used to store scissors, brushes and other items during use. The table also has a non-slip rubber top which not only prevents your pet from slipping but is also very easy to clean.

The grooming arm is adjustable vertically and includes multiple hook locations for the noose and loop. The arm can be attached to any point along the perimeter of the table using an easily adjusted clamp.

One drawback, however, is the table doesn’t include easy to follow assembly instructions. You’ll have to rely on your own ingenuity to figure out how to set it up, which is pretty darn easy.

All in all, the table is a perfect purchase, and it’s quite the package, given that it comes with a free noose, loop, and adjustable arm. I honestly believe this to be the best grooming table for the money.

Multi Pet Alternative – Pingkay High Quality 3 Size Pet Dog Cat Profession Table

Polar Aurora Pingkay 48'' Black Heavy...
  • 【Never shake! Professional Champion Dog Grooming...
  • 【Exclusive Design! Free Mesh Tray & Adjustable Grooming...
  • 【Pebbled Rubber Surface & Space Saver】Our grooming table...
  • 【Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Folding Legs】Rust-resistant...
  • 【Large Weight Capacity】Weight Capacity: 330 Lbs.The...

Key specifications

  • Goal post legs which allow it to be folded and transported easily. This also ensures added stability.
  • Pebbled rubber surface which is easy to clean and is non-slip
  • Dimensions: L36’’, W24’’, H27’’. The height from the ground is 31.5.’’
  • Adjustable arm grooming length
  • Weight capacity of up to 330lbs
  • Weight 30lbs (for the mid-sized table)


  • Can hold large pets as well as small pets such as cats
  • Surface is non-slippery and easy to clean
  • Stainless steel, rust resistant material
  • Comes with a storage basket
  • Very sturdy


  • Top is easily damaged during transportation
  • The clamp that adjusts the arm is weak
  • Doesn’t come with noose and loop

The Ping Kay table is a close second to the Flying Pig table. It’s a good buy given that it costs much less than the Flying Pig and retains many of the same features. The fact that it also available in three sizes is a great plus, making it a viable purchase for cat and dog owners alike. I recommend the small table for cats and toys, the medium table for small dogs, and the large for large dogs.

The table is assembled with thicker legs and better hardware than most others in this price range making it the sturdiest option at this price point. It includes an adjustable ¾” stainless box tube arm that can be clamped to any side of the table to allow reconfiguration based on the size of your pet or the area you have to work in. The arm (on the mid-sized table) adjusts to up to 40 inches in height and 10 inches in projection and includes an adjustable loop that will fit haunch.

The top of the table is 7/8” thick making it compatible with a variety of clamp on grooming accessories. The surface of the table is non-slip which aides in keep a just washed pet in place while you dry and groom them. The table includes a wire rack shelf that mounts between the legs to store any combination of grooming accessories. The table itself is easily foldable for storage, however it does not include a storage bag.

The downside of this table is that it’s not as strong as the Flying Pig and you have to take extra caution not to damage it during transportation. It’s ideal for the home groomer and occasional show participant but not what I would recommend for a pro unless you’re just starting out and bootstrapping it.

Compact Alternative – The Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for...
  • Introducing the easy way to groom small pets!
  • Easy-clean, non-slip tabletop measures 18" in diameter and...
  • Rubber feet offer stability and keep the tabletop in place
  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Each includes a ¾" adjustable grooming arm and a...


  • 18”x18”x23”
  • ¾” square-tube grooming arm
  • Includes coordinating-color grooming loop
  • Rubber feet
  • Available in blue, purple, or black hammer tone powder coat
  • Stainless hardware


  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Powder coated for enhanced rust resistance
  • Arm adjustment knob is plastic for easy, pain free grip
  • Entire table rotates
  • Extremely portable
  • Easily storable


  • Doesn’t come with accessory storage
  • Requires a surface to set it on
  • Meant only for small cats and toy dogs
  • No built in way to lock the swivel

The Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table is a cute little beauty that comes in purple, black, and blue colors. This table is ideal for home grooming of very small pets. Its light weight and detachable arm make it easy to store away or transport. The top of the table rotates to allow for groom all sides of your pet without having to walk around the table. The arm is adjustable up and down from 16 ¼” to 23 ½”. The entire table is powder coated in a light hammer tone finish that helps it resist rusting and showing fingerprints and smudges.

This table isn’t all sunshine and roses though. There is no positive locking mechanism for the swiveling top. While it does take a little force to rotate the table it’s still possible for it to spin on you when you don’t want it to. Some have recommended just stuffing a towel under the table to stop this but I don’t consider that an acceptable solution to something the manufacturer should have accounted for. The table also requires another table or flat surface to be set on. It does not have its own legs so you’ll need to have somewhere to set it which may require buying an additional table.

Overall, this is a great table for anyone grooming very small animals such as small cats and toy to extra small dogs. If you already have a place to set it and you like the idea of being able to sit in place and rotate your pet while grooming then this your ticket.

Budget Alternative – Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with...
  • Size: 30"L x 18" W x 32" H Color : Black
  • Table features strong goal post style legs with rubber...
  • Goal post style legs allow for easy fold up during transport...
  • Rust-proof materials such as the deluxe aluminum edging...


  • Small L30’’,W18’’,H32”
  • Medium: L36’’, W24’’, H31’’
  • Large: L48”, W23.75”, H30”
  • Foldable painted goal post legs
  • Rubber matted top
  • Static Free Surface
  • Adjustable arm up to 40’’
  • Leash loop included
  • 100lb weight limit


  • Lightweight
  • Ease of transportation.
  • Folds easily
  • Comes with a leash and noose


  • Is not ideal for heavy pets
  • Rusts easily if left outside
  • Not as durable as the other alternatives
  • Doesn’t come with an accessory basket
  • No extra provisions for a haunch holder

This is a light weight, no frills grooming table meant for home use. There is no included basket for storing accessories. There is no way to add a haunch holder without giving up the leash loop. The legs aren’t stainless or powder coated so rust resistance is minimal. The table also has a low weight limit of 100lbs so I wouldn’t put a large breed dog on it (or lean on it with your pet on top for that matter).

What this table does have is a great price point. If you don’t need the frills and aren’t supporting a large breed dog then this is a solid option. It would suffice for the thrifty home groomer.


Whether you are grooming your pet at home or professionally, you need to use a table that will guarantee the best for you and your pets. You need a table which will ensure that you are comfortable working with your pet. You also need a table that is very sturdy for the pets you are going to handle.

For discerning home groomers, you need a table that will ensure that your home remains neat, clean and organized. This is where the foldable table comes in. You also need a table that is easy to move without damaging it, especially if you might travel to shows with it.

The Flying Pig Heavy Duty Pet Foldable Grooming Table is easily your best bet for both home and beginner to early professional grooming. It comes in multiple sizes.  It is an effective and efficient table which gives you good value for your money when compared to prices of other grooming tables. It comes with other pet grooming accessories which save you a good deal of money.  It is ideal for big and small pets alike. Finally, it’s built to last a lifetime, ensuring you get your monies worth out of it.

Get this table, and you can be assured of many precious moments with you and your pets.

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