10 Surprising Uses for Wire Shelving at Home

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10 Surprising uses for wire shelving at home

Do you know the cheapest way to add square footage to your home and keep it cleaner at the same time?

Wire shelving!

When we first scoped out our home all we saw were bare walls, counter tops, and cabinets. It looked spacius and inviting.

Fast forward to moving all of our stuff in (and buying more) and our home suddenly seemed a lot smaller (and messier).

Our solution was to utilize a variety of shelving solutions. My favorite is the wire shelf.

Most people think wire shelves are meant for warehouses and restaurant kitchens but they are awsome in the home too.

Benefits of Wire Shelves in the Home:


The see through nature of wire shelves means you don’t have to worry as much about dust build up or losing things to the back of the shelf. It also makes it harder to be a packrat.

Critters like mice and other pests also have a harder time hanging out on them when used in places like the garage or shop.

Also, quality wire shelves, like those sold by TheShelvingStore, are NSF approved meaning they are safe and sanitary for use in areas like the Kitchen.


Wire shelves are available in almost any form. You can get them as free standing shelves, wine racks, carts, butcher stands, clothing stands, shelves with rods for hangers, wall mounted shelves, slide out shelves, etc…

They’re also reconfigurable. If you need more space you can adjust them and can often buy add on pieces. Add on some casters and you can even easily move the shelves around if needed.

Small Footprint

Wire shelves don’t take up much space. The wires are thin, easily accommodating closely stacked items or placement above head. This is great in places like the pantry where you never know how tall the items you’re storing may be.

Maintenance Free

Wood often needs periodic treatment and even need refinishing over time. Quality chrome plated wire shelves never need more than a quick wipe down.


Wood shelving gets scuffed, dented, and can even warp due to the elements. Quality wire shelving doesn’t have this problem. It’s able to withstand years of use in places like garages, attics, basements, and shops.


Short of diy shelves, wire shelves are more affordable than hardwood. You can buy as you go, only purchasing what you need now and adding on later. It’s easy to take with you and reconfigure when you move too, saving the expense of repurchasing.

So where exactly can you use wire shelving in the home?

10 Surprising Places to Use Wire Shelving at Home


Wire shelves can be used to add storage space for pots and pans by either being a free standing addition or put inside existing cabinets to expand the surface area.

You can buy S-hooks and other accessories to hang your pans and utinsels out of the way.

These days you can buy wire shelves pre-configured for use as a butcher station (by adding an insert such as this butcher block), a wine rack, spice rack, and much more.


Wire shelves make a great storage solution for bulk food and supplies storage. By being see through you can accurately asses what you have on hand when you’re ready to restock.


Wire shelves makes a great storage solution for holding towels and other items behind toilets and along the walls of your bathroom.

Toss in a few woven baskets and your storage is not only practical but also nice to look at.

You never have to worry about the steam and moisture from baths and showers ruining the shelving or growing mold in dark hidden places.

Bathrooms are also notoriously small. Wire shelves keep it feeling open.


You can find all sorts of shelving solutions for closets these days. Wire shelves make a great addition to any closet because you can configure them to fit the garments you have. Add more shelves for more shoes or more rods for more hanging clothes.

Again, the open nature makes it easy for you to see what you have without having to dig it all out.


Wire shelves make an economical solution for storing bedroom items. This is espcially true in the case of space limited rooms such small studio bedrooms and dormrooms.

The plus side is that when you move somewhere more spacious you reuitilize your wire shelves in other rooms of the house.


The garage is a great place for wire shelving. You can use it to store tools and other equipment or to hold totes for long term storage of things like holiday decorations.

The shelves don’t accumulate as much dust and don’t provide a cushy place for mice to shack up so you don’t have to keep as close of an eye on things to keep them tidy.

If you lack a pantry in your house you can even use them to build your own pantry without consuming much space.


For all the same reasons a wire shelf is great in a garage, they are great in a shop. With a shop you have even more room to play with!

Since shops tend to be dirtier places, having a durable, maintenance free wire shelf is a great benefit.


Rather than stack boxes on the floor in the corner of your basement you can utilize wire shelves to get your belongings up off the floor. This will protect them should your basement ever flood or mice an other criters find their way in.

Wire shelves also make better use of the limited lighting in a lot of basements. Solid shelves block the light making it harder to see what you have or what criters are lurking!


I love using wire shelving with wheels for holding potted plants out on the patio. If you need to water your plants or reorganize you can simply roll the shevling where you need it.

Wire shelves also make a great trellis if you have plants that like to grow up and around things.


For the same reasons I like using wire shelves on the patio I like the idea of wire shelves in the greenhouse. Plus, you get to see everything you have and you don’t have ot worry about the water, humidity, or sunlight wearing it out.

As you can see, there are nearly endless ways to use wire shelving to expand your storage area without breaking the bank. For the minimalists and those that enjoy open concept living wire shelving is hard to beat.
If you want to see one of the largest varieties of wire shelving and other home organization accessories check out TheShelvingStore.com.

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