[Hands-On Review] TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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It’s no secret that people are proud of their hardwood floors. When they are in good shape they are a timeless aspect of any home.

Unfortunately, keeping them in good shape can be a chore. It’s not the wood’s fault, though. Taking care of hardwood is difficult because most of the products out there marketed for hardwood floors just plain suck.

Every once in a while, though, I stumble across a product that worth considering.

One such product is TriNova’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which TriNova provided to me in exchange for a review.

For those not familiar with TriNova, they are owned by GoldEagle, the same company behind the 303 line of household, marine, and automotive products. Their automotive chemicals are top notch so I have high expectations for their new line of household chemicals.

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First Impressions

When you purchase TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner it comes as a sealed bottle with a cap and separate sprayer. This is nice because it means less chance of leaks in shipping and you have a convenient way of storing it should you not want to keep the sprayer on it.

The cleaner itself comes in an attractive white 32 fl. oz bottle with instructions on the back.

Noticeably absent is any ingredients or mention of chemicals used. Though, TriNova assures us that it’s a water based cleaner with a mild detergent.

After popping the seal, you can smell a very faint aroma of soap. It’s so mild that I don’t anticipate it bothering anyone sensitive to smells.

The cleaner itself is very thin, water-like with a clear appearance.

A test dab left to dry was clear and smooth to the touch. This helps confirm their claims of being water based. It’s also great because it means the cleaner shouldn’t cause its’ own streaks when cleaning unlike other common floor cleaners.

Impressions after Using on Hardwood Floors

As a cleaner, TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner does a very good job at removing dirt and leaving the floors with a very consistent finish.

It was very easy to apply with the sprayer and wipe up. It left no residue and didn’t change the appearance of the floors. They have their original matte sheen, which I prefer.

For another test, I also used it to clean a set of wood cabinets. Since both the cabinets and floors are sealed wood, I anticipated similar results.

As suspected, the cleaner did a good job at removing dirt (that was invisible to me) without changing the appearance of the wood.

The thing I really liked was that while using the cleaner, there was never a potent cleaner smell. As someone with a sensitive nose, this a welcome change from typical cleaners.

TriNova also claim this cleaner can be used on tile, linoleum, and engineered floors like engineered hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank. I haven’t tested this, but I suspect the claim is true given what I saw while cleaning the sealed wood floors.

Final Thoughts

TriNova Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a solid cleaner.

  • The aroma is very mild.
  • It’s water-like consistency makes it very easy to apply and remove.
  • It does a great job at quickly removing dirt and scuffs.
  • The bottle is high quality, as is the cap, so no problems with leaks in shipping.

As expected, this TriNova product is a solid product. I’m excited to try some more of their household products. I would absolutely purchase this in the future when this bottle runs dry, if anything just for the mild aroma.

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