[Hands-On Review] Audew Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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As much as I love finding uses for my Shark Rotator, not every cleanup job warrants busting out a full size vacuum.

Kitty kibbles that jumped out of the food dish, cheerios that leaped from their bowl onto the floor, pebbles and leaves that hitchhiked into your car’s floorboard, you get the picture.

Sometimes you just have small mess and you want to clean it up quickly and painlessly.

That’s where compact cordless vacuums fit into your life.

Since my life is no different, I was pretty excited when Audew offered to send me their new Audew Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for review.

If you recall, I recently reviewed their Portable Automotive Vacuum Cleaner which is powered by way of cigarette lighter plug and it was actually a really useful little vacuum.

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So let’s dig in and see if their Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is on the same level!

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed was the box that the vacuum comes in is not quite as decorative as the portable vacuum was, as in it’s just a plane Jane corrugated box. However, it’s very solid and packed well for the price.

I’m actually pretty happy that it didn’t come packed in Styrofoam so I didn’t have to immediately use the vacuum to clean up little pieces of cheap Styrofoam shrapnel.

Another difference was the lack of a bag to store the vacuum and all its bits and bobs in. This is no big deal for this vacuum since it’s not really marketed to be stowed away in your car or carried with you away from your house.

Upon pulling the vacuum out of the box I could tell this one was fair bit more substantial than the portable vacuum, both in weight, size, and overall solid feel.

Looking at the contents of the box, I received:

  • Cordless Vacuum
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Charger
  • Eliptical Brush
  • Flat Suction Nozzle/Extension
  • Cleaning Brush for the filter

Separating the Dust Cup from the body of the vacuum revealed a metal composite filter with rubber gasket, similar to the one on the portable vacuum. However, the gasket around this filter and the way it fits into the Dust Cup and against the motor is much nicer.

The battery, weighing in at 9.4oz fits snugly inside the back of the vacuum. The battery has a charging port on the back that the charger plugs into. Unfortunately, this vacuum doesn’t have any kind of stand charger or any kind of stand or bracket mount in general.

The Eliptical Brush and Flat Suction Nozzle/Extension also fit snugly into the front of the vacuum.

Speaking of the Eliptical Brush, I do have to admit the bristles on it are a pretty chincy, moreso than the brush that came with the portable vacuum. They are also very stiff. I could see them working well for raking out a stiff carpet to loosen up debris but It would be useless for any kind of dusting and I definitely wouldn’t use this brush on any delicate surfaces or fabrics.

First Use

Now that we’ve poked at what was in the box, lets look at how the vacuum functions and how good of a job it does (hopefully).

Before powering on the vacuum I was curious how much charge it had. The only indication of charge is on the top of vacuum and you have to either plug the battery into the charger while installed or turn the vacuum on for it to illuminate and show you.

This means you’ll have to put the battery in to see if it has fully charged, which the manual states takes 4-5 hours.

A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience none the less.

On the bright side of things, the battery came charged. So I was able to start using it right away.

I would have been sad if I had to wait 4-5 hours to play with the little guy.

To turn the vacuum on you have to press and hold the power button for 1 second and it gently spins up to full suction.

Side note, the sound of the motor starting up is actually quite theatrical. It makes a cute little sound like someone striking a low note piano key.

The motor running at full speed was about average for sound. It wasn’t loud by any means but it wasn’t super quiet either. Still, it was quieter than I expected and quieter than the portable vacuum cleaner I had reviewed before. I think for the price, it’s more than acceptable.

As for suction, this vacuum is much stronger than the portable vacuum. I was able to easily pick up an iPhone 8 Plus at full suction against the screen. I could not do this with the portable vacuum.

Picking up loose debris from the floor such as flecks of dirt, tiny pebbles, and kitty kibbles was effortless.

Testing the vacuum out on one of our cars went surprisingly well also. The little vacuum had no problem sucking up most of the loose dirt from the carpet. It’s no replacement for a full size wet/dry vac but it would work great in a pinch.

The stiff bristles actually helped with texturing the carpet for a professional touch.

After running the vacuum for a bit I checked the filter and was happy to see that no dust or dirt made it to the back side of the filter, showing the filter was doing it’s job.

Speaking of the filter, it’s nice that the vacuum comes with a brush to clean out the filter. The previous vacuum did not have this, which meant I had to tap the filter on the side of the trash can to dislodge any dirt which made me cringe with each tap because I didn’t want to tear up the nice filter.

I cannot comment on the longevity of the battery or the runtime as I have only had the vacuum for a few day. I will say that I played with it for a good 20 minutes testing it out and it still had two of the battery charge lights lit. This would would make it seem that the runtime is at least as long or longer than the advertised 20-22 minutes, at least at the start of the battery’s life.

What I liked:

  • Feels substantial and well built
  • No rattles or loose fitting parts
  • Acceptable noise level
  • Pleasant motor startup sound
  • Strong suction
  • Includes brush for cleaning the filter
  • Battery delivered with charge
  • Sleek design
  • Large capacity
  • Very affordable
  • Acceptable weight (2lb 4.5oz with battery installed to be exact)

What I didn’t like:

  • No bracket to mount the vacuum to a wall near a charging outlet
  • No bracket or stand with integrated charger, you have to plug a wall wart style charger into the battery
  • No battery charge indicator on the battery itself. You have to install the battery to see the charge on the vacuum’s battery indicator.


I think this is a great portable vacuum for the money. While it’s missing of the frills such as a bracket or charging base or charge indicator on the battery, it’s very solidly built otherwise. It also has a sleek looking design and snug fitting parts, including the heavy duty metal composite filter.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on longevity, however I will update this post in the future should I experience any issues.

If I were in the market for a portable vacuum at this price I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Audew Cordless Vacuum. For being an imported tool, it’s surprisingly well made.

Let me know if there I missed or that you would like to know!

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