Best Lightweight Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Save Your Floors and Your Back (2019)

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What really is the best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors for the money?Some vacuum cleaners proclaim to clean hardwood floors but fail deplorably at the task. Searching online can feel overwhelming and daunting because there is a multitude of models and styles to choose from. Quickly you realize to find the right lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors you will need to do some research. That exactly what we did before settling for the Shark Rocket as our all-around top choice.

Locating the perfect solution isn’t as hard as it seems when you have some help. We will unravel the confusion quickly so you can get this cleaned up now. If you are on the hunt for a lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors you will want to keep reading.

Make Sure You Do Not Scratch Your Floors with an Ordinary Vacuum

Hardwood floors can be damaged by most vacuums. Unless the model is made specifically for hardwood floors manufacturers do not shield their sharp edges or bottoms adequately with rubberized or felt padding.

This padding is made specifically to protect hardwood floors that ding and mark up easily. Fine scratches are typically not seen at first but get deeper over time.

Advantages of Having a Lightweight Vacuum Exclusively for Hardwood Floors

A dedicated lightweight vacuum just for hardwood floors is a smart choice when you have little or no carpets. Floors that have deep lines and groves might need special attachments. Pamper your floors and enjoy the benefits of them looking with ease.

Is a Multipurpose Vacuum Right for You?

If you have both carpets and hardwood floors in your home and would like to just use one machine don’t worry, you have options. It may cost a little more to do the job right, but you get the best of worlds.

The fantastic Shark Rocket will deliver the results you need.

Important Considerations

Do you have pets? If so make sure a new vacuum can sufficiently suck away fine pet hair that sticks to hardwood floors on the first pass.

Knowing what type of grime do you plan to clean off your hardwood floors is important. Will you need a large receptacle to get the job done without stopping to empty it? Do attachments help or get in the way?

How about air quality in your home? Allergy, asthma and other conditions need a vacuum with a good filtration system. HEPA filters and dust bags remove particles out of the air and helps improve indoor air quality for everyone.

A tangled mess of cords can drive some owners batty. Both cord and cordless lightweight vacuums for hardwood floors are available and we have found the best in our recommendations for you.

Word of caution, do not fall victim to bells and whistles that look good on the product box but have little or no benefit for your cleaning needs.

Remember to check the Padding

The level of padding on your vacuum is extremely important if you are worried about fine scratches building up on floors over time. Rubberized or felt padding on the bottom and wheels will be the features you want to look out for.

Our Favorite – Shark Rocket with DuoClean

Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded...
2,044 Reviews
Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded...
  • Duoclean technology: dual brushroll system deep cleans...
  • Ultra lightweight it converts into a 4.5 pounds handheld...
  • Brushroll garage for easy access to the brushroll for...
  • Pet multi tool; Designed to capture embedded pet hair on all...
  • Led lights on the floor nozzle and handheld vacuum to help...

Key Specifications

  • Total Weight: 9.9 Pounds and it converts into a 4.6 pounds hand vac
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches
  • Cord Length: 30 feet;
  • Watts: 500


  • Ultra-lightweight when it converts into a 4.6 pound hand vac
  • Never loses suction, with a powerful motor
  • TruePet Motorized Brush
  • Extendable Under Appliance Wand for Deep Cleaning


  • Small receptacle cup means extra trips to empty if you have a big mess
  • Front rollers can’t be turned off and can catch rug edges
  • Loud motor and some complain about the high pitch squealing sound
  • Controls on the handle can be cumbersome to operate while running

The Shock Rocket with DouClean Technology has a soft brushroll that helps pull in large debris piles and is able to remove stubborn stuck-on dust from your hardwood floors. Deep cleaning is easy with the Extendable Under Appliance Wand. This model is animal friendly with its TruePet Motorized Brush.

Weighing in under 10 pounds and it easily converts into an ultra-lightweight hand vac for all-around cleaning from floor to ceiling. The LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle are powerful and not wimpy.


Cheaper Alternative – Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight...
1,179 Reviews
Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight...
  • Lightweight - at only 4.7 lbs. It's easier than ever to...
  • Reach anywhere cleaning - long slim pole reaches up high for...
  • 2 in 1- Removable hand vac is great for cleaning small...
  • Multi floor capabilities - transition from hard flooring to...
  • Includes a battery charger, crevice tool, dusting brush,...

Key Specifications

  • Total Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 45 in
  • Cordless Design
  • Includes Lithium-ion batteries


  • Ultra-lightweight with all the power
  • 2 in 1 removable hand vac feature
  • Includes the right accessories to get tough jobs done
  • Includes a wall mount bracket for easy compact storage
  • Lithium Ion Battery


  • Receptacle capacity is only .4 liters, that isn’t much.
  • Filters need to be frequently cleaned to avoid clogging.
  • Some customers complain the wheels scratch their softer wood floors

The Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light vacuum weighs in at under 5 pounds and has the bonus of no cords to fuss with. The crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool make cleaning easier with the ability to reach ceilings to floors. It comes with a battery charger and runs 30 minutes.

With multi-floor cleaning capabilities, the Hoover Cruise is an economical alternative to models that up to 2.5x more. This Lightweight Vacuum for Hardwood Floors has the versatility many seek without the higher costs.


Premium Alternative – Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

dyson_lightweight_hardwood_floorKey Specifications

  • Total Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 8.9 x 49 inches
  • Cordless Design with up to 40 minutes of powerful suction
  • The most powerful cordless vacuum on the market today
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration


  • Powered by the Dyson digital V8 motor, it has the most powerful suction on the market today.
  • The Max power mode button provides 7 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks.
  • Soft roller cleaner made of woven nylon with rows of anti-static carbon fiber filament that won’t harm your hardwood floors.
  • It also comes with two additional powered brush heads and detail cleaning tools.


  • The cost
  • Trigger must be held down to vacuum

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum is the top of line premium model that others try to imitate. This may be the very last vacuum you may ever buy because of the quality and convenience. There is no high pitch or loud running motor noises, and it has the cleaning power to pick up whatever your test it with. This performance isn’t just for hardwood floors it extends to carpets as well.

There is only one issue, aside from the price, that the Dyson has. In order to keep the vacuum running you must hold the trigger down. If you’re planning any long vacuum sessions this may get tiring.

If you can look past that issue, you will love the power and versatility. The price may be hard to swallow but the truth is that this vacuum will most likely outlive your use of it.


*Hint* If you sign up for a Target RED card debit card you can even get a no strings attached 5% off which adds up to quite a bit at these prices.

The beauty of buying something like this from Target as apposed to an online only retailer is that in the unlikely event you aren’t happy with it you can just return to any store. You’re not stuck sending hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise back through the mail. Eeeek.

Budget Alternative – Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner

eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless...
1,820 Reviews
eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless...
  • Powerful Suction: Clean your house in one pass, saving you...
  • Goes the Distance: Large 2200 mAh Li-ion battery delivers...
  • The Go-Anywhere Vacuum: Carry effortlessly around the house...
  • Easy Clean-Up: The large 0.9L dust holder quickly detaches...
  • What You Get: HomeVac, AC power adapter, wall mount and...

Key Specifications

  • Total Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.7 x 43 inches
  • Cordless Design
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 minutes


  • Lightweight and works efficiently on both hardwood floors and carpets.
  • Includes a Battery, AC Power Adapter, and Wall Mount Accessories
  • Comes with a worry-free 15-month warranty
  • Study design that


  • Not a true HEPA Filter
  • Cleaning hair and dirt off of the centrifuge can be a challenge.
  • Customers complain that long hair can cause problems

The HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Vacuum from Eufy manages to get it right with this upright style vacuum that even works on hardwood floors. It is powerful enough to grab the mess off your floors but won’t break your budget.
While it does lack accessories for hard to reach places for basic floor cleaning this get the job done. This powerful little vacuum also boasts a long running time with its battery technology.


Alternatives I Cannot Recommend

Dirt Devil Power Express Lite 3-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum – You get what you pay for with this under $50 rip-off. Simply put, it does not perform. The lack of suction will leave you disappointed and frustrated.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum – We had high hopes for this Bissell but it fails miserably. It also falls over and breaks easily. Buyer remorse will surely follow the purchase of this unit quickly, save your money.


Enjoy cleaning your floors quicker and easier. Take comfort in knowing you are giving them the very best care so it will last for many years to come and still looks fantastic. Choosing the correct lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors will protect your investment for years to come.

While the excellent Shark Rocket provides outstanding performance, other vacuums like the Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light vacuum provides alternatives without compromising.

Investing in a quality lightweight hardwood floor vacuum will solve your floor cleaning needs and not leave you longing for something better. Make sure you understand the differences between features and if they are necessary or optional.

Good luck and happy shopping.


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2 thoughts on “Best Lightweight Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Save Your Floors and Your Back (2019)

  1. Reply
    Kate Gallagher - November 14, 2017

    How can the Shark duoclean NOT scratch floors? The roller bristles are NOT soft!

  2. Reply
    Brian - November 18, 2017

    Don’t confuse stiffness with hardness. The bristles, while stiff, are soft enough not to scuff the surface of the floor. It’s not the bristles on many vacuums that scuff floors it’s the hard plastic undercarriage and wheels. Good question though! 🙂

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