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Best Garage Wall Tool Hanging System to Make Your Work Space More Enjoyable

One of the biggest hassles of garage maintenance is keeping the space clean. Often, as time goes by, neglect, untidiness, and lack of space lead to a completely unkempt mess, and you find yourself in a position where it’s easier to just surrender the garage to the elements than take a weekend off to clean the place up.

As rakes, brooms, snow shovels, and other tools pile up in the dark corners of your garage and atop your workbench, you find yourself lamenting the fact that you don’t have a better system in place to store things.

Having experienced this problem first hand, I can wholeheartedly recommend a few garage wall organization products that will help salvage your garage from disarray while also freeing up some space.

My favorite garage wall organization system is the Gladator GarageWorks slatwall system. This composite slotwall system is great looking, durable, and infinitely expandable. You can use just a couple of the long thin panels as a simple rail or track system or use the larger panels for full wall coverage. You can also start with the small panels and expand later if you need more space. Plus, you can buy just about any accessory imaginable to accommodate hanging everything from hand tools, garden tools, and broom to shelves and bicycles.

While I fully believe the GarageWorks system is a great choice, it’s not the only one you have. I have some more recommendations below. If you like colors you’ll really like my second recommendation!

Top Garage Wall Tool Hanging Systems:

Benefits of Buying a Good Tool Hanging System

The most obvious perk of having a system for hanging tools in your garage is cleanliness. Nothing looks worse than a garage filled with haphazardly stacked, poorly maintained shovels and rakes and tools piled on workbenches and rickety shelves. I can assure you that there is a certain nirvana you experience when you see everything up off the floor and workbench and neatly presented across the walls.

Another perk of a GOOD garage hanging system is safety and the protection of your vehicles. You don’t want tools falling over onto your kids, animals, or cars. The consequence of any of those events far far (did I mention far?) outweighs the cost of a good tool hanging system.

What Makes a Good Tool Hanging System Great?

This one is pretty easy to figure out.

First and foremost, you want to find wall panels and racks/hangers that can reliably support a great deal of weight. The last thing you want to be worried about is all your heavy shovels and rakes falling onto your pride and joy in the middle of the night!

You want to pay attention to the materials that make up your wall hanging system. The accessories should be made of a sturdy materials such as a metal and should be coated to prevent rust.

You also want to find a rack or track system that can accommodate a variety of accessories and tools including all the ones you currently own. There is no point in only organizing some of your stuff and you’re bound to acquire new tools and toys over time that you’ll want to hang up as well.

Finally, you want a rack that will be easy to use and install. If the racks and accessories are too cumbersome to operate, it’s likely to become a disused wall ornament (and may never make it onto the wall to begin with).

Best Garage Wall Track System – Gladiator GarageWorks Gearwall Panel Kit

Gladiator GarageWorks GAWP082PBY...
  • Compatible with all Gladiator wall products
  • UL classified and rated as a Class A material
  • Screw track makes it easy to install
  • Ideal for storing tools, ladders, hoses, sports gear, and...
  • Easy to reposition on GearWall panels and GearTrack channels...

Key Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty Composit Material
  • 50lb per linear food weight capacity
  • Compatible with all GarageWorks accessories
  • Modular


  • 10 year warranty
  • Multitude of accessories available
  • Can be used as rail system or full slatwall system
  • Resistant to heat, cold, and moisture
  • Accessories easy to install and remove


  • Only available in white

The Gladiator GarageWorks Gearwall panels and accessories are my favorite. The panel are very attractive (assuming you like white) and support a multitude of accessories. Unlike many other slatwall systems the GarageWorks system has more than just hooks. It has shelves, buckets, bins, hooks, and other accessories to accommodate hanging and storing just about anything.

I also really like that you can buy end caps for the panels to use as a simple rail system.

The panels and accessories are all made up of durable materials that wont rot away over time or drop anything.

Honestly, the only downsides are that the color selection is limited and the warranty is only 10 years versus the lifetime warranty on most other full wall systems. Though, in my opinion, the variety of accessories and ways to use and hang this system more than make up for those shortcomings.

If you need further convincing you can see a great install write up and review of the Gearwall panels here.

Best Metal Pegboard System – Wall Control

Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft....
  • Wall Control metal pegboard is more than 10 times stronger...
  • Pegboard accepts conventional 1/4in pegboard pegs and...
  • Pegboard accepts Wall Control slotted tool board pegs and...
  • Pegboard tool boards mount directly into studs or sheet rock...
  • Pegboard features an attractive, magnetic, and durable...

Key Specifications:

  • Accepts 1/4-inch Pegboard Pegs
  • Accepts Wall Control Slotted Accessories
  • Accepts Magnets
  • Painted Galvanized Steel


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Steel Accessories
  • Magnetic
  • Uses both proprietary accessories and standard pegboard
  • Stronger than standard pegboard
  • Can hold hand tools and large tools
  • Can be expanded with more panels
  • Available in tons of colors!


  • Less variety of accessories than other systems
  • Not really suited for full wall coverage

I love the Wall Control system. It’s a modern take on the classic pegboard systems your grandparents probably had in their garage (or general store). The boards are metal and sold in different sizes to fit different configurations. You can hang them up behind a workbench or along a wall and can install accessories to hold everything from hand tools to rakes and brooms.

The panels include both standard peg holes and vertical slots that accept the Wall Control proprietary hooks and brackets. This means you have a greatly expanded assortment of accessories for hanging your tools. It also means you’re limited to mounting the panels vertically if you want to use the Wall Control accessories.

My favorite part is the colors. You can buy the panels in everything from black to blue to orange! Unlike the slatwall systems you’re not stuck to whites and grays so you can really express yourself in your garage space or workshop.

I personally have the black Wall Control panels with black accessories hanging in my detailing garage. You can see them in the picture below:

black wall control metal pegboard panels installed behind black husky workbench with black accessories

I think they look quite spiffy and am 100% satisfied with that purchase. I’ll have an in depth review up shortly but in short, I think these are the best bang for the buck if you’re not intent on covering an entire wall.

The only real downside to this panel organization system is that it’s not really practical to cover a full wall. You’d be better off with the Gladiator GarageWorks slatwall system above. For just filling out the wall behind your workbench, this is definitely the ticket.

Proslat Garage Organizer Bundle

Proslat 33008 Basic Bundle with Slat...
  • (10) Proslat panels, covering an 8-foot x 4-foot section or...
  • Wall panels are eco-friendly and easy to clean; Wall panels...
  • Hooks have 1/8-inch back plates designed to disperse the...
  • Hooks are made of heavy duty steel; Finished with silver...
  • Modular system and accessories help you organize your space...

Key Specifications:

  • 47 pounds in weight
  • 8’x4′
  • PVC Panels
  • Metal Mounting Hardware
  • 4,800lb max weight
  • 75lb/sqft max weight


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Steel hooks
  • Completely modular system
  • Includes all mounting hardware


  • Limited Color Variety
  • Proprietary Accessories

This Proslat Garage Organizer Bundle is truly a heavy-hitter.

Like the Gladiator GarageWorks, this comprehensive kit will completely change the look and layout of your garage, relocating all those myriad tools and rakes to a single, large wall panel.

Unlike the GarageWorks the Proslat slatwall system can be purchased in three different colors: White, Gray, and Charcoal. It also has a lifetime warranty versus the GarageWorks panels.

Included in the bundle are 10 heavy duty PVC panels which can be mounted to the garage wall in  configurations of 8’ wide by 4’ high or 16′ wide by 2′ high.

The kit also contains a wide range of support hooks and more can be purchased separately (though they don’t seem to sell as many different accessories as Gladiator).

Panel installation is also easy and flexible. Panels can be trimmed using a circular or jigsaw, and can be hung safely with no more tools than a measuring tape, a level, and a drill. Owners also have the option of mounting individual panels as a single track or grouping them together to encompass the entire garage wall.

If you have the budget and need for a full slatwall system and you prefer colors other than white (can you imagine the charcoal panels with a checkered floor? Drool!), then this a great choice.

Flow Wall System

Flow Wall FWS-4812-6WB11 14-Piece Hook...
  • Versatile Wall Storage: Revamp your garage with these 6...
  • Durable Construction: Our outdoor storage hooks boast a...
  • Fully Integrated Design: Flow Wall's slatwall panel turns...
  • Easy Installation: All components click into the panel for a...
  • Tools and Supplies' Storage: Add additional panels, shelves,...

Key Specifications:

  • 100 lbs/sqft weight support
  • Modular
  • PVC Panels
  • Available in white or silver


  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Steel Accessories
  • Modular
  • Easy snap mounting


  • Less variety of accessories than other slatwall systems

I put the FlowWall behind the Gladiator GarageWorks because of the limited accessories and behind the ProSlat because of the limited color options. That said, the FlowWall system is a great system.

If you’re down with white or silver and don’t think you’ll make use of all of the accessories that are sold with the GarageWorks system then you’d be find picking the FlowWall.

The great thing about the FlowWall line of products is you can find them at Costsco and HomeDepot as well as online. This way you can pick up in store if that’s something you’re more comfortable doing.

Best Simple Garage Tool Rack – Rough Rack 4×4 Tool Rack

Rough Rack 4x4 Tool Rack
  • 48 inches in length and over 40” of hanging space
  • Can hold over 30 standard size shovels
  • Excellent for storing shovels, rakes, brooms, line trimmers,...
  • long handled brushes, sledge hammers, axes, log splitters,...

Key Specifications:

  • 16 pounds in weight
  • 48 x 3 x 12 inches
  • Made of powder-coated steel
  • Maximum weight capacity is 100 pounds


  • Simple
  • Metal
  • Made in USA


  • Pre drilled 16″ on center stud holes are non adjustable

Don’t be fooled by the Rough Rack’s simple appearance, this hanger is a sweet product!

Out of all the different systems listed in this article, the Rough Rack is by far the sturdiest and most dependable of the lot. It’s literally just steel bar mounted to steel plate. Hard to mess up. Harder to break.

The rack is powdercoated for rust protection and can be mounted either by screws into 16″ on center studs or with wall anchors.

The Rough Rack brand is also part of a family-owned business that makes all its household products in Parker, Colorado! By supporting your tools, you’re also supporting small business.

Best Simple Garage Rail System – Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Tool Hanging Kit

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization...
  • All FastTrack garage hooks are compatible with the FastTrack...
  • Utility hook includes locking grippers for reinforced...
  • Hooks are movable for versatility
  • Installation hardware included for convenience

Key Specifications:

  • 8 pounds in weight
  • 7 x 6 x 32.9 inches
  • Made of heavy-steel construction
  • Maximum weight capacity is 1,750 pounds


  • Sturdy
  • Modular accessories


  • Hooks and plastic covers slide too easy
  • Additional attachments are pricey

At a lower entry price than the Rough Rack, the Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage Storage System proves itself a worthy consideration.

The base product in the kit is a steel railing, which is screwed into the walls of the garage. Available in lengths of 48 or 84 inches, the rail can be hung on the wall with studs spaced either 16 or 24 inches apart.

The Rubbermaid railing also supports a wide variety of accessories that can be attached to the railing, including curved utility hooks and vertical storage shelves. This allows for the storage of both yard tools and other common household items, like coolers, towels, and car liquids.

Included in the packaging of the Fast Track system are installation instructions and hardware, (2) 32” Fast Track Garage Rails, (1) Power Tool Holder, (1) Utility Hook, (1) Multi-Purpose Hook, and (1) 2-Handle Hook.

However, despite the versatility of the system, some have complained that, over time, a lot of weight placed on the railing can cause the overall structure to bend.

Budget Tool Hanger – Anybest Wall Mounted Garden Tool Rack Storage and Organization Hanger

NOUVCOO Utility Double, 10-Pack Steel...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & HEAVY DUTY HOOKS - The garage storage...
  • 5 VARIOUS SIZES & SHAPES - 4 x small square type hooks, 1 x...
  • HIGH QUALITY - The garage hanging storage hooks are made of...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The notches and spike at the back of the...
  • AFTER SALE SERVICE - If you are unsatisfied with this...


  • 2lb
  • 5×2.8×3.7 inches
  • Made of plastic
  • 7-1/3lb max per hook


  • Easy to mount
  • Neutral color
  • Extremely Cheap


  • Included mounting hardware is poor quality
  • Tools with thick handles may not fit
  • Small recessed mounting holes

I decided to throw this in as a bonus for the frugal even though it’s not really a “system.” Despite being a cheaper product than the other items listed, the Anybest Garden Tool Rack can still save homeowners valuable garage space for little money.

The smaller weight of the Anybest tool rack means that it will only be able to support everyday garden tools. Bicycles, heavier saws, and other large household objects won’t fit, I’m afraid.

The unique design of the tool rack, however, is really its strongest attribute. The hanger contains six fold-able hooks that jut out from the rack’s base, perfect for holding ropes, brushes, and other small items.

In between the six hooks are five crevices which contain support balls. This is where heavier objects like brooms, rakes, and shovels can be kept, and each ball adjusts to the width of the object it’s holding.

This is a good product for someone looking for a quick fix to general garage messiness and will assist in keeping a small group of tools organized.

However, to someone with a lot of garage space and a large tool collection, one of the items discussed above might prove the worthier investment.


It’s clear, then, that the first step in rescuing your garage is by reclaiming lost space. The best way to do this is through the installation of a dependable and reasonably priced garage tool rail, track, or rack system.

Easily the one of the best on the market is the Gladator GarageWorks slatwall system. Simple and sleek, it does its job efficiently and reliably, and can support a ton of accessories and tools. It also clocks in at an agreeable price that puts it in the mid-range of garage wall organization systems.

Ultimately, though, if space, cleanliness, and a general peace of mind about your household are important to you, then it would be wise to invest in a tool hanging and organization system at any price. The benefits of doing so are certain to far outweigh any upfront costs.


Sunday 23rd of February 2020

Great information! In Lowe’s I saw the Craftsman versa track and kobalt system as well. Any thoughts on these compared to the ones you reviewed above? Thanks

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