[Hands-On Review] Audew Portable Air Pump

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Review of the Audew 150psi Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor Pump

There is more to keeping your car clean than just washing, polishing, and waxing them. Routine maintenance also plays a hand. One thing I never see talked about in the auto detailing circles when it comes to wheels and tires is proper inflation.

When your tires are low you will wear out the edges faster as the center collapses in on itself. This not only ruins the appearance of your tread but it’s also dangerous. Drive around on a low tire too long and you’ll end up with a flat or worse a blowout.

When you have a flat that goes all the way down you risk ruining your wheels as the lip on the rim meets the pavement. If you have a blowout you can say goodbye to your fenders, fender liner, and anything else in the way of the tread as it lets loose.

None of this helps you in your persuit of the perfect appearance of your car, truck, or motorcycle. For that, I’d like to take a moment talk about the Audew 150PSI Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Pump. Full disclosure, this portable air pump was sent to me by Audew for review.

Initial Impressions

I was a little apprehensive of this compressor when I first received it. The packing is pretty understated. The pump didn’t weight much. It just seemed too simple. Once I started playing with it, though, my fears went out the window.

The pump is very compact and sturdy feeling. It comes with a nice quick connect on the air hose that actually locked up easy and tight. Surprising.

It comes with several accessories for filling a variety of things from tires with a schrader valve to basketballs and beach balls. There is a compartment on top that holds the accessories when not in use. The lid that secures it is a little flimsy and hard to fit but it does seem to hold. Function over form I suppose.

The hose that comes with it coils nicely to keep the setup compact and then pulls out easily when needed. I will say that the hose is stiff when cold, but most air hoses are. Fortunately there is enough power cord to allow reaching the four corners of most passenger vehicles without relying on the flexibility of the air hose.

First Use

My first opportunity to use this compressor wasn’t actually part of the review. I went to leave the house in the morning and noticed my rear tire was going flat. Upon further inspection I had picked up two nails. I knew I wasn’t going to be able keep enough air in the tire to make it to the auto shop. It was spare tire time.

I checked the pressure the in spare and there was enough to work but still less than the optimal 60psi. This was a great opportunity for the Audew Portable Compressor to help me out.

I opted to use the alligator clips to connect the compressor to the battery of the car. This way I didn’t have to climb in and out of the interior with dirty hands. It was a very simple. I literally just clipped the cables to the battery, screwed on the schrader valve fitting, and turned on the compressor.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet the compressor was. The second was how fast it filled the tire. The third was how inaccurate the pressure gauge was. Fortunately, the pressure gauge is optional and I always have a nice pen style tire pressure gauge handy since I don’t trust cheap dial gauges on anything.

I’d say the dial gauge was a good 10psi off. This is something to keep in mind if you’re considering this compressor. You don’t want to over-inflate something, that could injure you or damage whatever it is that you’re inflating. Definitely always check with a separate quality air pressure gauge.

After I finished topping off the spare the compressor was still cool to the touch. This is good because it means you immediately put the compressor back into your car and go on your way.

Things I Didn’t Like

I really only have two small complaints about this air pump. The first is the pressure gauge not being accurate as mentioned above. The second is the screw on schrader valve fitting which lets air back out of the tire when you’re unscrewing it unlike a clamp on fitting which immediately closes the valve when you quit applying pressure. This is a minor gripe though.

All things considered, neither of these would stop me from purchasing this compressor.


The compressor does exactly what you would ask of a portable air pump. It’s light, compact, quiet, and just works. I scanned some of the reviews online to see what uses people have come up with for this and I saw everything from a trail pump for refilling rock crawler tires to a light duty garage compressor and everyone seemed satisfied.

If you’re considering this pump my only advice is to pick up a quality air pressure gauge along side it. You should have one in the glove box of each of your vehicles anyway.

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