[Hands-On Review] Audew Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Review of the Audew portable car vacuum for spot detailing car carpet and upholstery.There are many scenarios in auto detailing that don’t require breaking out the big guns.

Spot vacuuming is one of them.

What is spot vacuuming?

Spot vacuuming is when your car doesn’t need a full on detail (or you’re not ready to do one) and you just need to quickly suck up some debris to keep things looking on point.

If you have kids, and you care about the appearance of your car, you’re going to end up doing a lot of spot vacuuming. Kids and clean are two things that just don’t exist without your intervention.

So what do spot vacuuming and the Audew Portable Car Vacuum have in common?

The Audew vac is perfect for it! Let me explain…..

Initial Impressions

In the effort of full disclosure, I received the Audew Car Vacuum for free specifically to review. I had not really considered the handiness of a tool like this before hand.

When I first received the vacuum I was immediately impressed by the packaging. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but poor packaging always screams “I don’t really care about this product and probably didn’t put any effort into making it reliable” to me.

portable car detailing vacuum in a box

Next it was time for unboxing.

portable detailing vacuum unboxing

The Audew vacuum came with:

  • Nylon carrying / storage case
  • Flexible extension hose
  • Upholstery brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Spare fuse for lighter plug
  • User manual

I was surprised how well everything was packed in the box and subsequently how well it all packs into the carrying / storage case.

The inclusion of  a spare fuse for the cigarette lighter plug that powers the vacuum was a nice surprise. The fact that the lighter plug was serviceable at all (just have to remove a single phillips head screw to open) was a surprise to be honest.

Everything in the package felt like good quality, especially considering this vacuum sells for under $30 in most places.

The hose fits the nozzle of the vacuum nicely and securely, as does the upholstery brush and crevice tool.

The hose is very flexible and both ends of the hose swivel so you don’t have to worry about the hose binding while working in all the awkward positions you end up in while cleaning and detailing a car interior.

The upholstery brush is a little chincy on the bristles but you’ll see below that they are up to the task of fluffing the carpet to release debris. They are just soft enough that I don’t have any concerns about it scratching any plastics or leathers in the car or truck.

The vacuum itself feels quite sturdy and thoughtfully laid out. The buttons on top are easy to manipulate, the nozzle snaps on tightly, the filter fits good. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect from a modern portable vacuum.

Finally, the filter included with the vacuum is very sturdy, made of a metallic mesh versus paper. It uses a rubber gasket to seal against the nozzle and body of the vacuum.

We’ll see in a bit how well it works.

First Use

Now that we’ve seen it looks and feels nice, does it work?

To test this vacuum I used it on my daily driven Acura RSX. The floor board had not been vacuumed in quite a while and had accumulated plenty of dirt, pebbles, pollen and other foreign objects.

I plugged the Audew portable vac into the powered cigarette lighter. I recommend you start your vehicle when running the vacuum so that you don’t accidentally drain your car’s battery. I didn’t start mine because I wanted to see if I would drain the battery during a normal vacuum session.

The first thing I noticed when I turned it on was how “quiet” it was compared to the wet/dry style vacuums I normally use for detailing.

The second thing I noticed was how much suction it had for just running from a cigarette lighter.

I began vacuuming the floor first without any attachments. It picked up quite a lot of debris.

The cord was plenty long for reaching all areas of the car.

I then used the upholstery brush attachment to fluff the carpet and release the dirt and pebbles trapped in the carpet fibers, which worked quite well.

I followed up the brush with the crevice tool to clean up the edges, which also worked well.

Finally, I striped the carpet using the upholstery attachment by vacuuming in diagonal rows alternating directions.

As you can see below, the Audew vacuum did quite well.

It didn’t pick up 100% of the debris like a more powerful shop vacuum would but it got most of the visible dirt. It even picked up all the little rocks and pebbles that were strewn about the floor.

I dumped out the contents on my work bench to show you how much stuff it picked up.

The motor on the vacuum was still clean after vacuuming so the filter definitely does it’s job. It was easy to clean as well. A few knocks on the trash can and most of the dirt fell away.

I think it did quite well. When you consider the setup for this vacuum is just pulling it out of a bag and plugging it into a cigarette lighter in your car, it’s hard to be unimpressed.

While testing the vacuum my wife came out and commented how handy that would be to keep in the family car to do quick cleanups after the kids. Up to that point I hadn’t considered that.

She was absolutely right, as usual!

Like I said in the beginning, this thing makes a great spot vacuum. If you own an SUV or van with under floor storage I would definitely recommend this little guy to stash away there.

Things I Didn’t Like

To be completely honest, I couldn’t really think of anything I didn’t like about this vacuum considering its price and intended purpose.

I’m pretty good about managing my expectations.


This little vacuum does everything you can ask of it for a sub $30 vacuum. It’s reasonably quiet, has good suction, has useful attachments, includes a spare fuse, and packs nicely into a bag that’s the size of a bread box.

I actually really like this little guy. I can promise you that I didn’t expect to feel that way from the onset.

It just works.

We’ll for sure be keeping the Audew Car Vacuum in our family car for emergency spot cleaning as my wife suggested.

I definitely see me using it more often for spot cleaning the other vehicles as well.

You can check out the Audew Portable Car Vacuum at Amazon.

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