[Hands-On Review] Towel Titan Microfiber Towels & Mitts

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Hands on review of Towel Titan microfiber towels and other productsTowel Titan recently reached out to me and wanted to know if I would like some of their towels in exchange for an honest review.

You can see their selection of towels on Amazon here.

Being a bit of a microfiber (and detailing product) nerd I was definitely interested.

Currently my go to towel brand is The Rag Company because their quality for the price is hard to beat and their selection seems to be multiplying like rabbits.

That said, I don’t think I could ever have enough towels and other microfiber accessories (especially considering they are somewhat of a consumable product) so I obliged.

Initial Impression of Towel Titan Towels

The towels I received were definitely packed nice. They were layered inside a nice sturdy box with a sticker of the company’s logo set on top as seems standard in the detailing products industry.

carboard box of towel titan brand microfiber towels and other products

Each towel type was packed inside its own bag, which his appreciated since I have evaluated towels from other companies that were literally just thrown in the box, leaving me to pick out bits of cardboard from the microfiber before I could use them.

individual towel titan brand towels packed in individual plastic bags

A cursory look at the towels and I quickly became curious how much these sell for online. They seemed like pretty high quality towels.

I hit up Amazon and was surprised to see that all of these towels are incredibly affordable compared to some of the boutique brands out there.

Though, as we all know, look can be deceiving. So, I unpacked each of the towels so I could get my hands on the products and take a closer look.

Hands-On Inspection of Towel Titan Microfiber

My first major curiosity was what the origin of the materials were that these towels were made of.

If you’re not aware, most microfiber products are made with either Chinese or Korean microfiber. There are other origins for the fibers as well but these are by far the most common. Generally, Korean microfiber is considered to be of higher quality since the production of most microfiber products started there. Though the distinction of quality between Chinese microfiber and any other country of origin is quickly diminishing as manufacturing processes and quality control in China keeps improving.

Source: https://www.microfibertech.com/Misconceptions-Common-Questions_df_20.html

I looked over the towels and couldn’t find any tags or labels that stated the origin so it’s fairly safe to rule out Korea since most brands wear that COO as a badge of honor. I’d put my money on China.

But like I said, that’s not really that big of a deal today, but I know some consumers care so it was worth bringing up.

Speaking of tag, the fact that none of these towels have tags sewn into them is actually a good thing in my book. It means you don’t have a course tag scratching up your paint work and you don’t have to spend time trying to remove that tag to avoid that.

Enough about COOs and tags. Lets look at each towel.

Towel Titan Microfiber All-Purpose Towel

grey towel titan all-purpose microfiber towel unfolded on workbench

The all-purpose towel is a very low pile low gsm towel. They are just a hair over what I would consider a glass towel in construction. They are a definite step up from what you would find at a big box store in terms of an all-purpose towel. These would be great for the really gritty work like cleaning door jambs, under hood, etc…

The grey color is also a nice touch. They’ll stay nice looking longer given the abuse you’re likely to put them through.

My only complaint about these towels is I wish they were edgeless, but given their purpose that would be a cosmetic benefit at most.

For the price, I couldn’t really find fault with these towels.

Towel Titan Microfiber Plush Utility Towel

blue towel titan plush utility towel laying on wooden workbench

It almost feels wrong to call these utility towels. These things are actually pretty darn nice. They have a decent pile and density and they are edgeless. The color is great so you can’t mistake them for your other all-purpose or utility towels. And like the previous towel, they are super affordable.

These are definitely a great option for cleaning fine interior surfaces like leather, infotainment screens, brushed metals, etc…. These make good buffing towels for glass too to get rid of that last bit of haze/steakiness after cleaning with your glass towels.

Towel Titan Microfiber Polishing and Wax Towel

grey towel titan microfiber polishing towel unfolded on wooden work bench

The polishing towels are exactly what I would expect for a high pile high gsm towel. They are a really great size too, ringing it at slightly larger than my Chemical Guys and Adam’s Polishes polishing towels and have a nicer binding.

You can see one of the Towel Titan towels next to one of my older yellow Chemical Guy’s towel in the picture below which is the towel I would most closely relate this style of towel to.

grey towel titan polishing towel vs chemical guys yellow polishing towel

I definitely prefer the size, feel, and color of the Towel Titan towel over the yellow Chemical Guy’s towel.

Though I admit that these days I prefer an edgeless towel like The Rag Company Eagle Edgeless for fine exterior paint work such as correcting but given that the Towel Titan Microfiber polishing towel cost less than half the Eagle Edgeless and only loses out on the binding I give it a pass.

You really wouldn’t be doing any wrong buy picking the Towel Titan polishing towel for your first foray into nice detailing towels. You get a lot of bang for the buck here.

You can see my use this towel during my paint prep in the following coating review article here: [Hands-On Review] AvalonKing ARMOR SHIELD IX DIY Kit

I had no complaints when using this towel.

Towel Titan Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt

grey chenille microfiber wash mitt by towel titan on a hand

There isn’t much to say about this wash mitt other than it’s larger than most chenille mitts I’ve owned and used.

comparison of hand on top of towel titan chenille wash mitt

The fibers are exactly what you would expect from a chenille mitt. They have a good length and density. The color is appealing and will look nicer longer since the mitt is destined for some pretty dirty jobs.

up close view of towel titan chenille microfiber wash mitt

I couldn’t find any fault in the mitt for the price. There weren’t any lose fibers or lint. The color didn’t seem to run when I washed it. Overall a really solid wash mitt.

Towel Titan Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel

towel titan waffle weave microfiber towel unfolded on work bench

The Towel Titan Waffle Weave drying towel appears to be a nice drying towel. The weave is exactly what you would expect, if not a little more plush than some of the previous waffle weave towels I’ve used (Chemical Guys and Cobra Non Foam Core). It has a good size and weight to it.

Upon initial inspection I did find a thread that was loose near one of the bindings.

up close view of towel titan waffle weave microfiber towel

That was the only real defect I could find though.

I do wish the binding was a little softer or had an edgeless construction. The binding on this towel is a little stiff. Though I don’t really recommend a waffle weave towel for wiping a car dry. I use them as blotting towels so the binding never really gets dragged on the surface anyway.

One issue I’ve had with waffle weave towels in the past were them losing shape after being washed. I washed this towel and can proudly say that it was still square afterward. My earlier Chemical Guys waffle weave towels have slowly turned into trapezoids over time and have been relegated to window only towels these days.

As has been the theme, for the price, the Towel Titan Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel is a very solid waffle weave towel.

Towel Titan High Density Microfiber Drying Towel

towel titan high density microfiber drying towel unfolded on work bench

The high density drying towel is another solid option for a drying towel. This one is much softer than the waffle weave and therefor much better for wiping a car dry rather than blotting it.

I personally still try to avoid any wiping motions when drying since it doesn’t increase the odds of leaving light scratches here and there.

However, if you were looking for a towel you could use for wiping I’d definitely recommend this one over the waffle weave. Considering they are the same price it’s really up to how you plan to use the towel as to which one you should pick.

towel titan waffle weave microfiber towel folded next to high density towel

My only complaint about the high density towel is the joining of the binding could be a little better. On the towel I received there was quite a bit of overlap misalignment leading to a bit of a bulge at the binding that I wouldn’t want to drag across my paint.

binding on towel titan high density microfiber drying towel

If I could change one thing about this towel, fixing that binding would be it.

Given the price, though, this is a tough towel to beat for anyone new to detailing that is looking for a solid drying towel that won’t break the bank.

Are Towel Titan Towels Legit?

Given how affordable these towels are, I certainly think so. The definitely don’t feel cheap. There is also a fair chance that many of the boutique microfiber products started their life in the same factories as these given how globalized the manufacturing of products like Microfiber has become.

I look forward to using these towels more throughout future projects and will continue to update this review as I get more time in with them.


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